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About iFlate Soft Systems

iFlate is an Talent company and the mid-market leader in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). An annual fixture of HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen, iFlate provides businesses with strategic, transformative recruitment outsourcing services that result in measurable, lasting workforce improvements: better hires, shorter hiring cycles, lower costs and greater efficiency.

With offices in US, India and a recruiting force of hundreds, iFlate provides a full range of recruitment optimization and consulting solutions, from project-based and co-sourced solutions to comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

Businesses nationwide tap into iFlate processes, experience, ingenuity and teams, to achieve fundamentally better recruiting outcomes: better hires, faster fills, critical efficiency gains, process excellence, and strategic cost savings.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

We provide highly qualified staff that have both deep industry knowledge and extensive work experience to scale and meet your daily requirements.

High Processing Cost

iFlate streamlines your current process to reduce both cycle time and your operational costs while improving efficiency.

Long Cycle Time

iFlate has a 99% on-time delivery track record for all projects. Our goal is to deliver success by meeting your deadlines to help your business grow.

Employment Turnover

Reliable and dedicated team on your assignments.

Enterprise Outsourcing Solutions

End to End Solutions to Help Your Company Operate at Peak Efficiency.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Increasing hiring speed, candidate access and talent quality by outsourcing your entire recruiting and hiring process.

Project-based Solutions

Rapidly delivering candidates and project teams to meet urgent hiring needs and to scale for critical business initiatives.

Candidate Sourcing & Research

Targeting and identifying strong talent pools to improve recruitment and resources.

Employment Branding

Reach the talent you need with strategic, targeted employment branding services.

Contract-based Recruiters

Leverage the expertise of highly experienced, contract-based recruiters.