About Us

Being Relevant To Our Customers And Employees.

Established in 2005

We blend industry experience with strong domain knowledge, insights and industry best practices and “Smart Basics” methodology to deliver comprehensive and transformational solutions and services. The executive thought leadership team, years of experience in the industry which gives us the competitive edge in providing transformational industry specific solutions and consulting services.


Our array of services includes Recruiting, Training, and counseling to help clients and candidates meet a wide variety of needs. Our major role is to assist the organization in the process of HR. We chip in as your HR partners in providing an array of HR related services. Our experts use their knowledge and experience to solve the most complex challenges of HR with utmost efficiency and pace. You can trust us as HR partner. If you receive our services, you can be sure of getting excellent HR services. We will be a partner to your path in excellence. We remain totally committed to our services. Companies who have already gone into an association with us are largely benefitted from our dedicated services. You can take a feedback from our older clients. They can give you a candid picture of our commitments and standards of services.

Our success is forged upon our personalized, long-term relationships with both our clients and candidates together with an underlying knowledge of the sectors we operate in.

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