Transform Your Business With Data Driven Insights

Unlock Insights connects to different data points and visualizes the insights you need to make better business decisions

Our Solutions

We provide solutions for complex business problem.

Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Our solution provides timely insights into the entire loyalty program process – including the effectiveness of loyalty promotions and partner relationships.

Acquire New Customers

We help businesses drive future customer acquisition plans with our data-driven insights by evaluating the historical performance of all channels.

Optimizing Supply Chain

Our supply chain analytics solution provides real-time predictive and perspective insights on market trends and customer behavior from unstructured datasets.

Improve Order Value

Our real time association rules recommendation engine provide product recommendations based on the insights from the existing data sets and external factors.

Optimizing Marketing Promotions

Our optimization solution is applied across the customer lifecycle enabling marketers to maximize the returns from customer marketing programs.

Loyalty Analytics

Get the power of our custom loyalty solutions that tap into historic and existing data, to spike customer loyalty

Why Choose Us?

We help our customers Unlock Insights and win in the Analytics-driven business world

Delivers superior insights from your data to drive smarter decisions.

Unlock Insights provide Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions to enterprises globally, empowering them to achieve accelerated business growth harnessing the power of data. Our analytics services and technology solutions enable business managers to consume consequential information from big data, generate actionable insights from complex business problems and make data-driven decisions across enterprise processes to create positive business impact.

Our Services

We deliver superior insights from your data to drive smarter decisions.

Managed Analytics Services

End to end analytical capabilities and insights delivered for your enterprise.

We partner with our clients to deliver enterprise analytics in a quick and efficient manner for maximum impact with a short time to value and reduced costs. Don’t look at it as just another outsourcing contract. We bring to the table vertical specific knowledge and harness the actionable insights gained from our countless past analytics engagements.

So with us, you can dive in without drowning!

Analytics on Demand

Get going with ready-to-use analytical capabilities for your enterprise

If you are waiting on the sidelines wondering if it is worth investing your time and money into resources and infrastructure for an in-house analytics solution, ‘Analytics on Demand’ may just prove to be the right starting point for you.

Get the answers you need, delivered to you when you need them.

Advisory Services

Partner with the best on your way to becoming an insight driven organization

Becoming an analytics-driven organization is not simply a matter of strategy, people, process or technology, but a combination of all. We support our clients throughout their analytics journey from ‘hindsight to foresight’

– from basic data management to advanced predictive analytics.

Hire a Data Scientist

Get access to the top talent for cutting edge analytics technologies.

If you are looking to build an in-house analytics team or to recruit temporary resources for your existing team, we can help you hire top notch Analytics resources that fit your requirements perfectly.

We offer skill sets catering to a wide range of industry verticals and the most advanced analytical solutions available in the market.