Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The advance of technology has leveled up the playing field for every player in the market. And human capital has become the only competitive advantage any company can truly have today. The human capital is one of the major factors that impact organizational performance and thereby the bottom line. It is the primary driving force that sets a successful company apart from the not so successful ones. Companies around the world spend countless hours and millions of dollars to just access and hire the right talent for the job. But top talents are scarce, competition is fierce making it difficult to hire the right talent at the right time unless you leverage the power Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Business Process Outsourcing Services at iFlate Soft Systems

As your Recruitment Process Outsourcing service provider iFlate System takes care of all your recruitment activities by acting as an extension to your HR and talent acquisition team. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we embed ourselves seamlessly into your organization’s recruitment process transforming your recruitment process.

Our Services:

End-to-end Recruitment process:
The end-to-end recruitment process is a full-cycle recruitment process where our dedicated recruitment experts take care of all your hiring needs right from candidate sourcing to offer management & on-boarding. We understand the talents needs of our client, assess the current model of recruitment, evaluate the array of options and then design and execute the recruitment process for you.

Project RPO Service:
If you are looking to leverage the power of RPO Services to quickly fill the vacancies with the best talent for a specific project in a given time frame, our Project RPO Services can help you. With our Project RPO Services, you can quickly hire a team of dedicated recruiters and talent acquisition experts to find the right talents for your projects in the shortest possible time.

Recruiter-On-Demand Service:
At late we can also help you strengthen your recruitment and talent acquisition team by providing services of expert recruitment professionals for a specific period. In addition to the Recruiter-On-Demand service we also offer standalone services like CV/Resume Sourcing, Nigh Search Programs based on customer requirements.

All our services are customized as per the client requirements, some of our tasks in the end-to-end recruitment process include:

Why inflate Systems for RPO?

Combining the expertise of the dedicated professional recruiters, state-of-art recruitment technologies and customized scalable hiring processes that align with your requirements, we help you find the right talents at the right time while reducing your cost of hire and saving your time. Having worked with many reputed players in the market we are highly experienced in designing and executing customizable recruitment processes.
Finding the right person for the job at the right time is what the first step for organizational excellence, which is why ‘Talent’ is the most valuable resource in this competitive market right now.
And we deliver stupendous value with our RPO Services.

At iFlate Soft System industry-best RPO Services at an affordable price point, providing stupendous value for your money without compromising on performance. Get in touch with us for more information on our outsourcing services and their pricing details.