All Sizes One Fit


ComTec offers a full suite of Splunk professional services. Our services are tailor made for deployments of all sizes ranging from a few GB a day to several TB a day.

We can help enterprises achieve significant value from Splunk deployments. We have experience with various instances and use cases such as Security, Fraud, and Compliance, IT Operations, IoT and Industrial Data, Utilities, Business Analytics, DevOps and so on.

We have a strong team of Splunk certified architects, developers, deployment engineers, support engineers and security analysts that has experience of having led some of the most successful Splunk deployments.


  • Splunk Enterprise – Architecture, Design and Deployment
  • Splunk Cloud – Design, Implementation and Migration – On-Premise and Cloud
  • Splunk Application Development – Custom Apps, Integration, Dashboards, Reports
  • Splunk Enterprise Security

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